Methods of Distributing Scalping Signals

Scalping is a trading strategy that needs real time technical analysis of a currency pair so that the scalpers can execute a trade in a short time frame (1 minute, 5 minutes or 15 minutes). It can be done with the help of the most accurate and real time scalping signals that has been provided by Forex brokers or scalping signal providers. The liquidity and volatility of the Forex market simplifies the scalping strategy.

The ultimate motto of the scalper is to leverage the gap in price movements. The scalpers can quickly open and close a trade whenever they will get a trading opportunity by checking the price movements of their respective currency pair in the Forex market. The scalpers can get consistent profits by scalping Forex if they combine their trading knowledge with scalping signals from expert traders on Telegram.

Different Methods of Distributing Scalping Signals

The maximum utilization of scalping signals can only be achieved in certain time periods (short time frames) and hence, these scalping signals are distributed in a range of formats. The different methods of distributing scalping signals are as follows:


One of the best methods to distribute scalping signals is Facebook. There are so many expert and experienced traders who offer these signals for scalping Forex via different Forex trading groups on Facebook. They make various posts on Facebook regarding the distribution of scalping signals to the traders.

The professional traders promote or distribute Forex scalping signals to the scalpers by making Forex trading pages on Facebook. The new traders just need to join their groups or pages to get the reliable and real time scalping signals.


There are a number of scalping signals providers who prefer to send or distribute scalping signals to the traders through SMS services as compared to other methods. Some of the scalping signal providers send free scalping signals to the traders over SMS while some of them provide paid services.

For paid scalping signal providers, the scalpers are required to pay a fixed fee or buy a monthly subscription to get the premium scalping signals. It is recommended for the new traders to check their trial versions before paying any amount to them.


The next best method of distributing scalping signals to the traders is Email. There are numerous companies or groups or individuals who provide scalping signals over email. The novice traders need to register their professional email address to these companies or groups so that they can receive high quality scalping signals on their email ids. It is always better to register only those companies or groups who have a good reputation of distributing the right scalping signals for trade.

Social Media Apps

There are multiple social media apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp and many more through which Forex brokers can easily distribute scalping signals to their subscribers. Telegram is undoubtedly one of the best and trending social media platforms to get high quality, real time and the most accurate scalping signals from expert traders. There are also some scalping signal providers on Telegram who offer 1 to 5 free signals on a daily basis to their subscribers.

Inside Forex Trading Platforms

There are various inside Forex trading platforms that offer the right scalping signals with a high success rate to the traders. The scalping signals provided by these platforms have been created by a team of dedicated professionals. These inside Forex trading platforms have several technical tools through which they can offer recent market trends and new trading opportunities to the scalpers.