Forex Scalping Signals – How to find them

Forex scalping is a kind of trading strategy that allows the scalpers to make good profits in a short time period through small price movements in the Forex market. The scalpers can hold the position of a currency pair for a few seconds or minutes in Forex scalping after buying or selling a currency pair. However, this trading strategy amplifies profit margins for the scalpers but it can also increase the losses if the trades do not move in a favourable direction.

Forex scalping signals are generated with the help of software or different technical indicators in volatile markets. These signals are totally based on economic events that are created to help the scalpers in identifying the entry and exit points for a particular trade by targeting a number of pips. These Forex scalping signals also guide the scalpers to find new and potential opportunities when the market is quiet and liquidity is less.

4 Best Scalping Forex Brokers to Find Forex Scalping Signals

It is important for the scalpers to find the right Forex scalping signals so that they can reduce the risk factors and gain good profits from their respective trades. One of the best ways to find Forex scalping signals is through scalping Forex brokers. The 4 best scalping Forex brokers are as follows:


This scalping Forex broker provides a ‘Pepperstone Razor’ account to the scalpers that offer a superb and a great environment for scalping. The traders can enter and exit the positions of a trade with an average of 0.35ms with the help of this account. They charge spreads on Forex that starts at zero pips with a per side commission of $3.5 per lot.

  • The platform offers a ‘Pepperstone Active Trader Program’ that reduces the transaction costs on each trade.
  • The platform also offers ‘cTrader’ account as a platform for scalping for the traders in addition to MT4 and MT5 accounts.

Admiral Markets

It is one of the best scalping Forex brokers that offers 4 different trading accounts to the scalpers along with a flexible and user-friendly trading environment. The maximum leverage provided by Admiral Markets to open trading positions is 1:500 subjected to the country. The scalpers can trade on their MT4 or MT5 accounts with an average order execution speed of 150ms by using this scalping Forex broker.

  • The traders can trade 18 currency pairs with Forex spreads as low as 0 pips with this scalping Forex broker and it will charge a $6 commission per lot.
  • The platform provides an additional cash back service to those scalpers who are able to get high trading volumes.

FP Markets

The platform comes with a proficient ECN Execution process that makes it a remarkable scalping Forex broker. They charge spreads as low as 0 pips with a commission of $6 per lot. The scalpers can open their trading positions with leverage up to 1:500 that depends on their country of residence.

  • The Order execution to open or close a trading position on this platform is extremely easy and efficient with an average of 0.30ms.
  • Forex scalping can be done on both the MT4 and MT5 accounts with this platform.


It is the last but not the least best scalping Forex broker that charges the lowest commission ($1.8) per side for each lot. The average execution speed provided by this platform is 100ms and maximum leverage is 1:500.

  • ·         More than 40 Forex pairs can be traded on both MT4 and MT5 accounts on Vantage.
  • The platform offers a number of ECN account types to the scalpers.